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PROTEIN (100 g  or 3.5 oz. )


Chicken Breast (only)


Fresh White Fish



Prawns / Shrimp

Ground Beef (Extra Lean Only)

All visible fat must be carefully

removed before cooking.

PROTEIN Substitutes for Vegetarians:

These are for Vegetarians only meat eaters

must stick to the proteins listed above.

Vegetarians may have a slower rate of loss

1 whole egg +3 egg whites

Cottage Cheese ( ½ cup no fat) - 75 calories

Tofu- one serving must have between 75-140 calories -

15-21 grams protein,less than 5 grams fat and less than

5 grams carbohydrate.

PEA Protein -Protein Powders should be 5 grams of carbohydrates or less.

Processed substitutes like patties and sausages should only be used a max of twice per week due to the excess additives.


One type of fresh vegetable per meal,

serving amounts  1 - 2 cups (see E-Book 2#)

Spinach , Chard , Silver Beet,

Bok choy, Pak choy, beet greens

Cabbage ,Chicory

Lettuce(any kind)










small Strawberries

1 Orange

1/2 Grapefruit

1 Medium Apple  



1  lg Melba French

4 small Mini /melbaToast

1 Thick or 2 Thin  

Grissini Breadstick

Vibra Health 23 day Rapid Weight Reduction Program Outline:

Vibra Health Dose: 10 drops 3 x per day as directed :

pre measure 10 drops onto a spoon then place drops under

the tongue hold for 30 to 60 seconds. ( Taken for 23 days only)

Transition IN  Body  Prep  :  Day 1 Start drops   

THE  FIRST 2 DAYS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT 2 DAYS of your reduction program. Today most “bodies are struggling under a nutritional deficit” causing the body systems to run slow the primary purpose of Prep is to break the nutritional drought and fill the tank while the body is transitioning into    do them well.

Prepare your body for reduction by fueling up/ feasting on all the foods, drinks and goodies you think you’ll miss during the 21 day Reduction  50 % of the food you eat should be in the higher fat category. The purpose of Prep is to ensure your body is working  Optimally. A 1.5 to 2 kilo gain on your scales by morning 3 ( ist day of reduction) will indicate a good Prep. this will be nutrition IN YOU not fat ON YOU. This nutrition will be used in the first 2 days of Reduction as your body locks off your Pantry Fats and  transitions to give you 100 % access of your nutritional Cellar Fats ( aka stubborn fat/emergency food)

Reduction: Day 3 - 23: Continue taking drops  

During this time you will follow the 21 Day Vibra Health Prescriptive Food Plan. Note: During reduction exercise (cardio/ strength/yoga etc. or training of any kind - read why here  

No Breakfast Meal during reduction WHY?: As you know some people have to eat when they get up while others can’t face food until much later in the morning. There is a reason for that : During the night your body always elevates hormones to heal itself, your body is not ready for food by mouth until these hormones have been depleted. When these hormones have been depleted it signals that the body is ready for food and that is when you will start to feel hungry. During this process your healing hormones will be working late into the morning meaning your body will not be ready for food until later in the morning.  

you may drink as much of the approved liquids as you like.

Lunch and dinner are supported by the Vibra Health Prescriptive Food Plan menu.

See approved foods list below

During reduction you will eat  2 different Proteins 2 different Vegetables  2 different Fruits and

                                          2 different starches each day ( see prescriptive foods list below)

**Eat protein and vegetable at Lunch and  Tea /Dinner meal times.

** Fruit and starch may be eaten with meals or as snacks.  

 Finish taking  drops on day 23

Transition OUT:  Days 24/25/26  Continue as in reduction increasing the amounts as hunger demands. Add a protein breakfast if you are hungry in the morning. Do not have a protein shake as these are detrimental to long term gut health. Food is meant to be chewed this action starts the digestive process.

            If you have more weight to lose you may start your next reduction after 6 weeks.

Stabilization:  Day 27 The first 5 days of stabilization are the second most important days and  the 3 weeks of stabilization are the most important part of your Rapid weight reduction program .  At the end of reduction because you have been working with your body to reduce the stubborn fat/emergency food stores your brain knows there has been a change and is actively looking for the new lower weight number. The purpose of Stabilization is to show the brain that number repeatedly (with in a range) so it recognizes the lower number and adjusts to it.. During stabilization if your morning weight is up more than a kilo you will apply a correction day ( found in E-Book 3) this will bring it back down quickly.  PLEASE NOTE: This is not a metabolism re-set process this it is an elimination process by removing the old weight number from your weight control center and applying the new lower weight number your brain and body will work actively help to keep you stable at your new lower weight; just as they kept you stable at your old weight.

During Stabilization you no longer have access to the stored food therefore you must increase the amount of food you eat on a daily basis (as hunger returns) For the first 5 days you should continue to eat the foods on the reduction list, you can now select 3 vegetables per meal, start to increase your protein portions to between  150/200 grams and add in egg/s for breakfast as needed . After 5 days you can start to reintroduce other foods moving slowly back to your regular diet while keeping  the daily up and down fluctuations minimal. This is a good time to reintroduce foods one at a time to see how your body reacts to them, we suggest you  mind your starches and sugars as these cause the biggest up swing. Once in Liberation your daily fluctuations can go back to the 2 kilo swing up and down which is normal.

 Liberation:  Your life Your way

Now you  understand how your body works and how it responds to different foods, you are liberated to enjoy your life your way while keeping  a healthy weight and  shape. If food is fuel for the body then it makes sense you have a fuel personal fuel gauge right? To maintain your new weight is simple; weigh and record everyday,as you have been doing in reduction and stabilization, your lowest achieved weight is empty, 2 kilos above that is full. Being aware of what fuel is in your body, will help you to make the right choices as to when and how much you can or need to eat. By doing this you will start to eat to your body not the clock. If things start to go off track you will know straight away and will be able to use a correction day to bring things back online.

Rapid Slim Reduction Protocol Food/shopping list:

Please note: You will find the Vibra Health Prescriptive eating plan “restricted” but not “restrictive” the foods on this list have been clinically tested to provide the best possible nutritional balance and  weight reduction results.

No Substitutes:  Although a food may seem similar in size calorie content and nutrients the way your body extracts the nutrition and breaks down the waste may be very different. These differences is processing will cause your weight reduction to slow down and may dramatically reduce your overall weight loss results to lose less weight. Your Rapid Slim reduction is only three weeks you will find the protocol easy to keep as the foods you are eating are the normal everyday foods that most people the world over eat in a week.




SEASON WITH : Salt, Pepper, fresh herbs, dried herbs, Spices,  Use water in place of oil to release fragrances and flavours.  Use the juice of 1 whole lemon per day to flavour foods and drinks.

DRINKS: 2lt Water + Black coffee, Black Tea, Green Tea, plain mineral water, single blend herbal teas.

Equipment you will need:

1 set of basic digital bathroom scales - must have

1 basic digital kitchen scales - must have

1 teaspoon for measuring your drops- must have for dose accuracy.

1 small non-stick frying pan – optional but makes cooking and clean up easier.

1 steaming pot- optional – but when steaming vegetables you can season while cooking to produce more flavours.

PLEASE NOTE: During reduction the food by mouth makes up 1 large plate of food eaten through the day at the same time your body will be consuming 2 large plates of food from your excess emergency food (Cellar fat/stubborn fat) making this a VERY HIGH CALORIE CONSUMPTION PROTOCOL

Warning: This Protocol is not a “DIET” it is a Prescriptive Eating Plan to be followed in conjunction with  Vibra Health Rapid Weight Reduction drops. If you try and follow this Protocol with out the Vibra Health balancing  drops you will not have access to your bodies stored food (stubborn fat) which will quickly  lead to extreme hunger and compromising of your health.

For better understanding of how Vibra Health Prescriptive eating protocol works with your body to naturally reduce Stubborn fat we recommend you read :

Vibra Health and Stubborn Fat        Fat Facts       Why No exercise during Reduction

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