We advise you stick to 21 days of Reduction followed by

3 weeks of Stabiliation and 3 weeks of Liberation.

You and your body are learning, adapting and changing naturally so give yourself and your body time to make the changes. If you feel like you are on a roll and you can extend your reduction to 42 days. If you are considering doing an extention don't think about it until day 19 then ask yourself am I bored? in any way if the answer is yes we recommend you finish your reduction at 21 days as an extention  can be counter productive for people who become socially board as this can cause you to start having to many deviations from the plan.

Your Full Protocol and Support Documents will be sent via the email address you provide when you pruchase your Rapid Slim Protocol

* 1) Vibra Health Rapid-Weight Reduction Program Outlined

* 2)  Vibra Health Rapid-Slim Food Guide and Personal Record Charts

* 3) After the Reduction Comes Stabilzartion and Liberation

* 4) Rapid Slim shopping list

Please note: If you are a Medicated Diabetic you will be given extra food options and support documents.

Whilst on your reduction if you are not ticking all the boxes below then contact client services there is usually a very simple reason why. A quick consultation will usually sort things out.

You should Feel





*Surprised at how good  you   look and feel

You shouldn't suffer from




*constantly feeling hungry

*deprived of your favorite   foods  

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Vibra Health Rapid Weight Reduction Program has been designed to fit into a busy life style.

At Vibra Health we understand losing weight is personal, our Vibra Health Rapid Weight Reduction program is a simple DIY program that works with your body to access and consume excess stored emergency food (stubborn fat) While the program works well as is for the majority of clients if you run into any issues during your program your dedicated Vibra Health client services specialist is here to work with you as an individual to  support you and make adjustments to your program if required to suit your bodies needs.If you need them, their consultations and advice are part of your package. There are no extra fee’s for their services.

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