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What is in the Vibra Health Rapid Weight Reduction balancing formula?

Rapid Slim is a unique frequency based propriety blend formula of organic raw botanicals • Guarana’ Seed (Paullinia cupana) •Gymnema Leaf (Gymnema sylvestre) • Kelp Thallus (Laminaria digitata) • Bladderwrack Thallus (Fucus vesiculosus) • Fennel Seed (Foeniculum vulgare)• Gravel Root (Eupatorium purpureum) • Black Walnut Hull (Juglans nigra) • Uva-ursi Leaf (Arctostaphylos uva ursi)• Senna Leaf (Cassia angustifolia). Each has been selected for their individual ability to assist the body in releasing stored fat for nutrition and addressing issues of balance and inflammation in the body. Our formula is produced in a medical grade facility under FDA guidelines , it has been used internationally since 2003.

Is there an option for vegetarians? YES

The only change to the Vibra Health Rapid Slim Protocol for vegetarians is the approved protein list. While vegetarians do lose weight with Rapid Slim they tend to lose at a slightly slower rate than those getting their protein from meat sources.

Do I have to keep taking the drops forever?   NO

Vibra Health Rapid Weight Reduction Protocol is a correction process you only take the drops during the Body Prep/ fuel up and reduction.(23 days)

How do I make sure I don’t regain the weight?  

During Stabilization your body/brain adjust to the new lower weight number, this adjustment helps to prevent a regain or re-filling of the emerdency food stores learn more here: Why doesn’t my body re-fill

You brush our teeth everyday to prevent tooth decay right?

The key to preventing the possibility of re-gaining the weight is to weigh yourself, record and note the difference up or down every morning. When the scale is up think about what you ate/drank/did the day before in doing this you will quickly start to see your personal metabolic rhythm and how long it takes your body to process and use the fuel from different foods. A higher than normal up swing on the scale will be excess fuel indicating a full tank so over the next couple of days you will naturally eat light while your body uses this fuel and you return to your base weight. Doing this allows you to eat all of the foods you love and know how far to space them apart. This practice will also alert you to the possibility that your body is out of balance due to some sort of stressor that is causing you to store rather than use fuel, this early warning will allow you to correct the balance immediately by applying one of the recommended correction days for in your Vibra Health Guides supplied with your Protocol. As a Vibra Health client we are here for you now and in the future as a client you never expire and all support is included in you purchase of Rapid Slim.

Why do I have to put on weight during Body Prep/fuel up?

The Body Prep process is to ensure your reserve fuel tank is full to prevent breakthrough hunger as you transition from using Pantry Fats ( daily fats) to using only Cellar Fats. (Stored fats) This process also helps you to understand this perceived gain is actually energy, fuel, nutrients, water and waste in your body not fat on your body. For most people this gain is gone on day 2 of reduction for a few it will take until day 3.

How much will I lose?

The average daily loss for those needing to lose 15 or morekilos is 300 - 400 grams per day. ( these are average and may vary above or below in individual cases)

Can my child use this?  YES

The Vibra Health Rapid Slim protocol is suitable for children from 12 years. Under this age by Doctors advice.

If you are considering Vibra Health Rapid Slim for your child we recommend you call client services before purchasing Rapid Slim to discuss your child’s specific weight correction needs.

Is this a vlcd diet (Very Low Calorie Diet)?   NO

Vibra Health Rapid Weight Reduction formula  has been formulated to help the body release nutrition from the stored fats(Cellar Fats) only; specific to your bodies daily requirements to run optimally ensuring your are maintaining a healthy daily caloric uptake specific to your body’s needs. The calories consumed from your stubborn fat equate to approximately 2 full meals per day added to the food you take by mouth each day makes this a very high calorie consumption program.

I’ve lost weight before with many diets but put it back on when I stopped what makes the Vibra Health program different?  

During stabilization your brain/body adapts and recognizes your new weight as your optimal weight for good health helping you stay at your new weight in the same way it is keeping you at your current weight.

Will I be hungry on the Vibra Health Rapid Weight Reduction Program?

The short answer is NO.

About 10% of clients experience minor hunger around the time the drops are due which is quickly abated when they take their drops. Every BODY is different, on occasion those who have trouble filling their reserve tank during the Prep process or those who have underlying medical disorders may experience excessive hunger in the fist few days of reduction during transition if this occurs a quick consult with one of our weight correction specialist will allow them to make temporary adjustments to your protocol based specifically on your issues and need to relive your symptoms.

Is this the hcg diet? NO

The HCG diet uses human hormone injections under a Doctors supervision.

The HcG hormone used by Dr. Simeons in his research was banned in 2012 by the FDA(USA) and the TGA(Australia) and is no longer permitted to be used for weight loss purposes. The ban is on Whole HcG hormone powders and homeopathic formulas which contain traceable amounts of raw HcG. Some  of these sellers have now moved on to making there own untested formulas or are now promoting the newest weight loss kids on the block such as Raspberry Ketones, African Mango, and the latest weight loss pill/powder Garcinia Cambogia, extreme appetite suppressants and or what ever product is being promoted by Doctor OZ and the media.  Some of the ingredients in the Non Homeopathic HcG formulas are also found in formulas that muscle builders use to encourage their body’s to create HgH (human growth hormone) which will cause rapid weight loss but will not reset the hypothalamus to your new lower weight causing your body to try and return to your old weight when you go back to your normal life.

Is this recommended by Doctors?    YES

The Vibra Health Rapid Weight Reduction Formula is used by Doctors in the USA under a licensed program.

We have had clients referred to the Vibra Health Rapid Weight Reduction Program by their Doctors. We have had clients come back to us after they have discussed with and had the Vibra Health Rapid Weight Reduction formula Slim approved by their doctors.

We have had Doctors ask their patients who have experienced rapid weight loss resulting in an improvement in their over all health ask them how they did it with a view to referring their patients in need of weight reduction to improve their health.

As Pain and Injury Recovery SCENAR therapists we have referred our own clients to this protocol to aid in their overall pain relief and recovery.

Will this make my arthritis worse?     NO

Many clients report a great improvement in inflammatory conditions like arthritis some claim to the benefit to be so great they ask if they can continue to use rapid slim drops after they have completed their reduction to manage their condition. As we are not Doctors we do not recommend this but we understand some do.

Do I really have to stop exercising for 3-4 weeks?  YES

During your reduction your quick energy fuel sources being your Pantry Fats and extra fuel through your mouth are locked off, you are only using your cellar fats which are metered out at a specific rate as fuel to support your normal daily routine. If you exercise your body will not release extra fuel from your cellar fat to compensate for the extra immediate fuel your body requires, this can lead your body to think it is in danger of starvation to protect itself your body will elevate hormones that cause you to store fuel rather than burn it and slow your metabolic rate so there is more fuel to store, the over all result of this action will cause you to disrupt the reduction process and you will lose less weight or stop losing weight or start gaining weight.

Once you have finished your reduction you may return to light exercise once you are in liberation you may exercise as you like.

If you love daily exercise or going to the gym there are 4 things to ask yourself:

1) Is your exercise program helping you lose the weight as quickly as you would like?

2) If you took a short break and returned with the kilos gone how much extra benefit would you get from your

    exercise program, gym membership or personal trainer?

3) Overall how do you believe reducing the weight would benefit your general and long term health?

4) Would reducing the weight reduced stress on your joints particularly your hips, knees and feet?

 At Vibra Health we have always believed that exercise is for fitness not weight loss. Recent studies show that exercise does nothing to prevent, stop or reverse obesity in children these studies are being furthered to include adults.

My personal trainer said I’ll just lose muscle if I do this is he right?   NO

This is a common misconception as they do not understand the Protocol.

To be fair if you tried to follow the 2 meal a day eating plan with out taking the Rapid Slim drops your trainer would be right, once you exhausted your daily reserve and structural pantry fats next your muscles would be broken down for fuel all of this would happen before your body would allow you to access your stored cellar fats. But when you take your Rapid Slim drops your body only uses your stored fats for fuel leaving your reserve pantry fats and muscles alone.

Why can’t I substitute other foods not on the approved list?  It interferers with your weight loss

Different foods cause the body to create different enzymes and chemical reactions to break it down extract the nutrition and eliminate the waste. The list of approved foods has been found to give the quickest results when you substitute foods not on the list your weight loss may slow or stop.

I have allergies will this effect them? YES it can improve them.

After my first 21 day reduction I was able to eat apples for the first time in 25 years. Many clients have reported they have also found their food allergies have improved or disappeared.

Do I have to go on a maintenance program to keep the weight off?  NO

The only thing you have to continue to do is weigh yourself every morning, record it and note the difference up or down from the previous days weight. Doing this will help you maintain your stable weight.

I’m a diabetic can I use Rapid Slim?   YES

In fact resent studies show that rapid weight loss can reverse the symptoms of type 2 diabetes and lower the insulin requirement of type 1 diabetics. Before ordering contact client services to discuss our specific plan for diabetics. As a diabetic you will monitor your levels as usual and make dietary/medication adjustments as required by your body. With your purchase we will send you specific monitoring charts to help you move through the program and monitor your diabetic changes.

*It is  recommend you consult with your healthcare professional before starting any weight reduction or exercise program

*Before ordering you may wish to contact client services to discuss our specific plan for diabetics.

I’m taking heart medication can I use Rapid Slim?   YES

Your medications will not hinder your program.

**It is recommend you consult with your healthcare professional before making dietary changes including any weight reduction or exercise program.

**We advise you consult your Doctor before making any adjustments to your medications.

**Before ordering you may wish to contact client services to discuss any concerns.

#Warfarin: If you are taking warfarin you will need to monitor as usual.

As you know and your Doctor has advised it is extremely important to ensure that our INR remains in the therapeutic range. Dependant on the food choices you make from the approved list there may be a need to adjust your warfarin dosage accordingly.

#Blood Pressure Medication:

During reduction many clients find their blood pressure improves and they need to adjust their medication dosages.

#Cholesterol lowering drugs:

Rapid weight loss is said to lower cholesterol if this occurs it will be evident with your next cholesterol blood test and your doctor will advise as to any medication adjustment.

I’ve been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome can this help me?   YES

The ingredients in Rapid Slim have been selected for their ability to help bring the body into balance improving the body’s ability to function more efficiently.

I have Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can this help me? YES

Your doctor will advise even a modest weight loss can help your insulin levels get nearer to normal and get ovulation going again, if it has stopped (NCCWCH 2004). Losing weight before you conceive can also reduce the risk of developing gestational diabetes during pregnancy (RCOG 2003: 3). The Rapid Slim formula works to assist the body to balance the endocrine system and rapidly reduce stored fat. As with diabetics if you are taking insulin control medications you may need to reduce the dosage.

* We advise you consult your Doctor before making any adjustments to your medications.

*Before ordering you may wish to contact client services to discuss any concerns.

I have Polycystic Fibrosis can Rapid Slim help me?  YES

As with PCOS weight loss can help it is medically accepted that even a modest weight reduction can minimize and in some cases reverse the symptoms and effects of the condition.

* We advise you consult your Doctor before making any adjustments to your medications.

*Before ordering you may wish to contact client services to discuss any concerns.