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Getting the Facts on Fat :

If Knowledge is power then understanding is key:

Stubborn Fat is NOT stubborn it is PROTECTED emergency nutrition

used by the body to keep us alive long enough for rescue or recovery in extreme nutritional deficit circumstances: for example when you get really sick or are lost on the mountain for 40 days with little food. Your brain knows the nutrition is there and knows what it is for but is unaware that you have to much so it protects it all.  If the body hits the right balance on it’s own or in this case with our help that’s when the brain see’s there is to much stored food and moves into a natural housekeeping mode to  reduce some of  the excess stored food.. The Vibra Health Rapid Weight Reduction formula doesn’t work on fat or food it is a body balancing formula that works on you to bring your body back into balance so the brain realizes there is more stored nutrition than needed for good health causing the body to move into a basic housekeeping mode and reduces the stubborn fat by eating some of the  excess  stored nutrition/stubborn fat. While in this housekeeping mode we use the Vibra Health 21 day prescriptive reduction eating  plan to help the body consume more fat faster. The end result is you will consume excess nutrition from you stubborn areas ( hips, thighs, belly , bottom etc)  reshaping your body while maintaining a healthy appearance muscle and bone structure.

The Vibra Health Rapid Weight reduction protocol works to gain 100% access to the Cellar Fat™/emergency food (stubborn fat only) and consume the excesses nutrition rapidly during the 21 days of Prescriptive reductive eating.

Understanding the Three Kinds of Fat in the Body

In the human body there exist three types of fat, two of which are essential to sustaining normal healthy life, with the third consisting of the stored fat of which we need some but if we have to much it becomes “abnormal fat” which we struggle to lose.

 Pantry Fats™/fuel .

Your Structural and Reserve Pantry Fats™/fuel are a very important part of human biology and necessary to maintain your optimal health and well being. When you go on a traditional diet and/or Weight Loss Exercise program it is these 2 very important fats that you are stripping out of your body.  First you lose reserve fat; as fuel. When the reserve fuel is exhausted, you will start using structural fat. This is when you begin to feel hungry, physically and mentally fatigued. Your face can become drawn and haggard, but your belly, hips, thighs and upper arms show little improvement, as stated above under normal circumstances your body will not give up  Cellar Fat™/emergency food. Consequently the fat you hate stays on and the fat you need to cover your bones and protect your organs becomes less and less.

1) Reserve fat is found all over your body and is used only as “fuel.” Your body can draw on this fuel when the nutrients in your bloodstream fall below the needed level and your organs demand energy.  When you don’t consume enough fuel in a given day your body tops up with your reserve fuel. When you consume more fuel in a day than needed your body restocks your reserve fuel.

2) Structural fat is like packing material that surrounds your internal organs offering them protection, gives support to arteries and makes your skin smooth and taut. It provides padding for the bones throughout your body, as well as under the bottoms of your feet. When your reserve fuel/fat is depleted your body will use this fuel/fat for emergency energy and nutrition.

 Cellar Fat™ /emergency food.  

This is the Fat that is consumed as food during your 21 day Vibra Health Weight correction program

3) Storage fat accumulates in specific unwanted spots such as the areas around your abdomen, hips, upper arms, buttocks, thighs and breast. But unlike the normal reserve fat, this stored fat/fuel is not available to the body in a general nutritional/ energy emergency. Your body will only give up storage fat/fuel as a last resort in an extreme nutritional emergency brought about by extreme starvation or illness, it’s purpose is to prolong life long enough for recovery or rescue. While we need an optimal amount of this very important fat the Brain can not decipher fact from fiction so it sees all stored/cellar fat as necessary and locks it away for an extreme emergency. On occasions when  cellar fat has been used to support the body  through an extreme nutritional  emergency, as soon as then emergency is over the body will start to re-fill the storage areas in preparation for the next emergency often adding an extra few kilos in an attempt to be better prepared.

9 kilos /

19.8 lbs

Gone in just one 21 days 10 cm or

4 inches

off each thigh, greatly minimizing the look of cellulite