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Why is Stubborn Fat So Hard to Lose??

Stubborn Fat isn’t stubborn it is part of our survival system and as such is PROTECTED emergency food. Your body will only use this food as a last resort in an extreme nutritional emergency brought about by extreme starvation or illness, it’s purpose is to prolong life long enough for rescue or recovery.

Having too much “Stubborn Fat” isn’t your fault:

Women gain/store this emergency food in 2 ways, men only 1 way

When a woman falls pregnant she immediately increases the amount of stored emergency food as a back up to sustain the pregnancy under a nutritional threat.

Both Men and Women gain/store emergency food when the Brain feels the body needs to be better prepared for an emergency and it moves into survival preparation mode storing 4-5 kilos (10 -12 Pounds) on average over 4 to 6 weeks whether you eat carrots or cake. This preparation mode can be triggered by many things “stress, a physical trauma, an emotional shock, extreme weather changes and under eating for your body size.

Each time the body moves into survival preparation you will gain 4-5 kilos. Regardless of what you eat.

5 kilos of stored emergency food = 1 time in survival preparation mode.

50 kilos of stored emergency food = 10 times in survival preparation mode.

While we need an optimal amount of this very important fat the Brain cannot decipher fact from fiction so it sees all stubborn fat as necessary. Each time the body stores emergency food the brain adjusts to the higher weight number so it can maintain what it believes is an optimal level of food to sustain the body during the next extreme emergency.

How and when do we use this emergency food??

When you eat food the body processes it into a usable fuel to run your body systems. During an extreme nutritional emergency, the body process the emergency food (stubborn fat) turning it into a usable fuel to support and run your body systems during a nutritional emergency. Once the emergency is over the body will quickly refill the emergency stores and usually add 4 -5 kilos extra in preparation for the next emergency.

Why, Eat Less Move More doesn’t work on “Stubborn Fat”

When we apply the Eat Less Move more theory which is the bases of all weight loss programs we are putting the body under a nutritional threat causing it to consume our reserve and structural fats for fuel if you stick with a program long enough these fats will be depleted putting your body under extreme nutritional threat, when the threat is great enough your body will start to use the stored emergency food to sustain itself, while you may feel good and the “stubborn fat you want gone is going your body is actually in starvation and thinks you are sick. As soon as you stop the program or step off the maintenance bus the brain senses you have moved into recovery and starts the process of re-filling the emergency stores in preparation for the next emergency just like it does when we are sick.

Can the excess emergency food be reduced any other way??

Yes, if you or someone you know has ever shed some stubborn fat for no apparent reason “kind of like it just fell off” that is when your body has naturally balanced and naturally moved into housekeeping mode.

Your Brain knows the food is there and what it is for but doesn’t know it has too much so it protects all of it.  The brain and the body work together to sustain life when the body hits the right balance the brain is alerted to the fact there is too much stored emergency food at that time the body is moved into its own natural housekeeping mode locking up and protecting your bodies infrastructure (reserve fats, structural fats, muscles etc.) and then; by eating some of the stored food reduces the “stubborn fat”

How is The Vibra Health Program different to other weight loss programs??

The Vibra Health formula is a natural body balancer that works with your body to help it balance and move into housekeeping mode when the 21 days of prescriptive eating is applied the body eats more stored emergency food faster. All other weight loss programs trick the body out of stored food by placing the body into starvation.

Why doesn’t my body re-fill the stored food when I stop taking the Vibra Health Rapid Weight reduction formula and go back to normal eating?

On the Vibra Health program you are working with your body when you move into stabilization your brain knows there has been a change and is looking for and adapting to the new lower weight number. When the brain adjusts to the new lower weight it is tearing down the old storage sheds, because they no longer exist they can’t be re-filled.  Any gain in the future will be a new gain because your body has gone into emergency preparation mode.

By adjusting to the new lower weight number your brain and body will help you stay at the new weight in the same way they are helping you stay at your current weight.

Why Can’t I exercise during reduction?

When you exercise your body needs quick bursts of fuel. That fuel comes from your quick access reserve fats and by eating extra food to create more fuel. During reduction when your body is in housekeeping mode your reserve fat is locked up, the amount of food you eat it is controlled and the stored food your body is consuming is consumed at a steady rate to sustain your normal day. If you are a bricklayer that is normal physical activity for your body, your brain does not see it as exercise. Simply put there is no fuel available for exercise, if you persist in exercising you will put your body under threat confusing the brain and retarding the reduction process.

After Vibra Health Weight Reduction can I go back to my normal life?

Yes, you can go back to living your life your way.

There are 3 things you must do every day.

1) You must go pee first thing in the morning.

2) Then before you do anything else you must weigh yourself. Food is fuel for the body so it makes sense that we should have a fuel gauge, right?  That is what your scales are they measure nutrition in nutrition out not fat on fat off. Your lowest achieved weight is dead empty you can’t drive a car on an empty tank and you can’t run a body on an empty tank meaning today you must eat more because you have no fuel in the tank. 2 Kilos above empty is full so if you are in your full zone you know you must eat less today so your body has time to use up the extra fuel left over from yesterday.

3) Next you write it down:  i.e. if you were 70 kilos yesterday and this morning you are 71 kilos you will write 71 + 1000, tomorrow if you are 70.5 then you will write 70.5 -500. Keeping this running list of numbers will complete the mind body connection helping you to observe how your body responds to different foods and identify foods that increase your energy and the foods that decrease your energy. In the future if your body goes into emergency preparation your will see your weight increase over 4 -6 weeks once the process has finished at a time of your choosing you can do a 21 day reduction to reduce the excess food.

Note: you will not feel the increase in your cloths until the last kilo.

Maintaining these simple rules allows you to eat and drink what you want according to your body’s daily needs i.e. Going out for lunch; on an empty day, you might eat pasta with a heavy cream sauce or fish and chips with cheese cake for desert. On a full day, you would choose a leafy green salad with grilled fish or a small steak with fruit for desert. You will be surprised how well you eat and the choices you make when you give yourself permission to eat and drink anything you want without restriction.